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What is Depression?

Depression is real. It affects millions of people worldwide.

The stereotypical image of depression may not always accurately depict depression. Every person experiences depression in a different way. It goes beyond being sad. Sometimes people are unable to pinpoint the source of their sadness.

People frequently seek counselling for depression because they feel depressed, down, hopeless, or empty. Many people believe that sadness is the only sign of depression, but actual depression symptoms can differ greatly from person to person.

Depression can cause irritability, frustration, or outbursts of anger that seem out of proportion to the situation. For others, depression may feel like nothing at all; an empty feeling of “numbness” often develops in someone suffering from depression, leaving the person with such low levels of energy that they often feel apathetic and uninterested in anything. Low self-esteem or self-worth are other possible depression symptoms. Others may experience physical symptoms of depression, such as headaches, nausea, trouble sleeping, and mental fog, even when many other signs of depression are not present.

For a good reason, being depressed can feel like being “stuck in a rut” because we continue to cling to unproductive, unhelpful, or even harmful ways of managing stress. When relationships become challenging, we distance ourselves from them or turn to drugs or alcohol as a form of self-medication.

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Depression Symptoms

Chronic feelings of sadness, worthlessness and emptiness

Suicidal thoughts or attempts

Sleeping problems

Decrease in energy & feeling of tiredness

Difficulty in concentration

Loss of interest in activities and hobbies

Appetite changes

Head & body aches

Decreased self-care


How Counselling For Depression Works?

If you are reading this, you have probably experienced at least one of the symptoms listed above. Depression, believe it or not, is more common than you think. I am glad you are here and considering seeking help and support.

Therapy for someone who is depressed also varies depending on the client because the experience of depression differs so much from person to person. The Alicja Counselling specialises in providing depression counselling, and I take pride in providing specialised counselling that is tailored to each client. Since there is no set method by which I can help you overcome your feelings of depression, therapy will not start with me telling you what to do or how to proceed; rather, it will just be me listening to your story and asking you questions about your experience. I will ask about how you are feeling, but I will also ask about your home, workplace, family, friends, etc. The aim is not only to fully understand your feelings of sadness, but also to understand who you are as a whole individual within the context of your life.

This first conversation could be crucial. After dealing with these difficulties on your own for so long, sharing your story with someone who is listening without judging, asking questions without blaming, and empathising without patronising can feel like a breath of fresh air. This sets the tone for the supportive and non judgmental relationship that follows, in which I work with my clients to help them live a more balanced and satisfying life.

I will work with you to find new and better ways to cope with the stressors you are facing. I will work with you to develop new skills and encourage you to break out of your routine by trying out new ways of thinking, acting, and being with yourself, others, and the world around you. Often, with my help and guidance, you will start to find strengths that will help you deal with and get over the depressive feelings that have held you back in the past. Instead, you will be able to start living the full life you deserve.

If you are feeling depressed and think therapy may be right for you, or if you just need someone to listen to, consider reaching out via email or phone call. At Alicja Counselling, I provide both online and in-person depression counselling in Crewe, and I am available for a free 30-minute consultation to help you decide if therapy is right for you.

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