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About me

Meet Your Therapist

My name is Alicja, and I am a qualified therapist with over 6 years of experience. In my work, I use elements of person-centred, solution focused, CBT and trauma work to suit the needs of every client in therapy. 

My mission is to help you thrive in your own life and your relationships by assisting you in reconnecting with yourself and others, as well as finding deeper self-understanding and compassion through counselling. I create a safe space for you to navigate difficult emotions, experiences, and life transitions.

My clients value my gentle approach, my acceptance, and my lack of judgement. I have consciously created a space where anyone can seek assistance and self-discovery.

I am very passionate about working with people who have been experiencing domestic abuse. This includes emotional, sexual, financial and physical abuse. I have a background in child protection, domestic abuse and mental health, which provides me with more understanding in working with variety of issues.

In therapy

I also specialise in the following difficulties:

Anxiety, panic attacks and depression

Domestic abuse

Grief and bereavement

Self-esteem and self-belief

Stress and pressure

Fertility issues

Work issues

Fatigue, overwhelm, sleeping problems

Lack of communication and affairs in relationships


Counselling and Supervision

I provide both face-to-face and online therapy sessions. I offer a thoughtful and non-judgmental environment for individuals and couples to assist them in finding more effective ways to address issues and concerns that are negatively affecting their lives. In supervision I offer a warm and gentle way to support you in your therapuetic practice.

Individual Counselling

Individual therapy provides one-to-one support in a judgment-free environment. You have the opportunity to talk about what have been weighing you down and go over the crucial pieces with someone trained and supportive.

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I will assist you in understanding yourself. You can gain insight into your patterns, including those that are no longer serving you, and thus make future decisions with intention. Counselling can help you have more compassion for yourself and feel more confident in who you are.

I admire anyone who has the determination and courage to begin the process of change. I can assist in creating the conditions in which you feel sufficiently supported to embark on the journey.

Couples Counselling

Conflict, confusion, stagnation, or hurt in your relationship can affect every aspect of your life. It’s difficult to concentrate at work, be present with friends, and truly live your best life.

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A relationship that is out of balance affects all aspects of your life.

Couples counselling can help you understand what is really going on and what you can do to fix it. You and your partner can learn the skills necessary to prevent arguments from occurring in the future and to create new patterns that work in relationships.

What’s the best part? The patterns you learn will not only benefit your romantic relationships, but will also improve your interactions with family, friends, and coworkers.


I use Seven Eyed Model as a supervisor. I provide supervision to allow for reflection on client work as well as to gain confidence in understanding the therapeutic relationship. The relationship between the Counsellor and their Supervisor is crucial, and I strive to establish a trustworthy, open framework with the supervisee.

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My approach to supervision is to provide a safe environment that is professional, sensitive, respectful, and enjoyable. I can also actively assist you in your professional development.

offer a free 30min consultation to a new supervisee to get a sense of how we might collaborate.

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I am thankful for the ongoing opportunity to help so many people, and I am grateful for the trust my clients given me whilst facing their struggles in therapy with me. Below are some testimonials from clients I’ve helped over the years.

”Alicja provided a truly safe space for me to open up more that I ever have to any other person. She’s so kind, aware and extremely warm. She put me through exercises and gave me assignments that helped me understand myself and ask the right questions. She helped me to not only uncover, but to acknowledge and make peace with traumas I had no idea were there.”

”Thank you so much for everything you have done for me. You told me about ways to help myself and I really feel that you care. This is not just a job for you. You care about me and my problems.”

”I thought long and hard about getting help from a psychologist and I have no regrets. Alicia is an extremely kind, discreet and trusting person to whom I could entrust my problems. She helped me to work through and understand my problem. she not only helped me but also my daughter. if I ever need therapy again, it’s no one else but Alicia. I sincerely recommend.”

”Thanks to the therapy I had with Alicia, I found out what the essence of my problem is and how to deal with it. The added value is the methodology of dealing with it is universal for most of the problems we encounter in life. I sincerely recommend it.”

”You have made a big difference to this family.”

”At one of the worst times in my life, I went to see Alicia for therapy. I couldn’t have made a better choice. She is a very kind, empathetic and listening person. A great professional. She helped me look at my problems from a different perspective, slowly building my strength. I recommend!”

Counselling and supervision with Alicja in Crewe

Professional and warm approach to counselling

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I offer variety of appointments to suit most client needs. Please get in touch to discuss your availability so we can find the most convenient therapy time for you.

Easily Reached by Email, Text or Mobile

You can easily reach me under my phone, email or a phone call. If I don’t answer I am probably in session and unable to speak. Please leave me a message and I always come back to you.


Life’s problems can be challenging enough. Visiting your therapist shouldn’t be. That is why I offer both online and face-to-face sessions.


Frequently Asked Questions

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How can therapy help me?

Participating in therapy has a variety of advantages. Therapists can help with issues like depression, anxiety, relationship problems, unresolved childhood issues, grief, stress management, body image issues, and domestic abuse by providing support, problem-solving skills, and improved coping strategies. Many people find that therapists can be a huge help in dealing with personal growth, interpersonal relationships, family issues, marriage problems, and the stresses of everyday life. Therapists can help you gain a new perspective on a difficult problem or point you in the direction of a potential solution. The benefits of therapy are determined by how well you use the process and put what you learn into practice. Some of the advantages of therapy include:

  • Gaining a better understanding of yourself, your goals, and your values.
  • Developing skills for improving relationships with oneself and others
  • Achieving a resolution to the problems or concerns that initially prompted you to seek therapy.
  • Learning new coping mechanisms for anxiety and life’s stresses
  • Managing grief, anger, depression, and other emotional pressures
  • Enhancing listening and communication abilities
  • Changing old behavioural patterns and developing new ones
  • Finding new solutions to problems in your family, partnership, or marriage
  • Improving your self-esteem and boosting self-confidence
What can I expect at my free 30-minute consultation?

The first 30-minute consultation is not therapy. It’s really an opportunity for me to meet you and determine whether I can be helpful to you. More importantly, it’s an opportunity for you to meet me and determine whether you’d be comfortable working with me. I will use that time to get to know you and determine if we are a good fit. If we are, we will discuss the next steps. During those 30 minutes, you will have plenty of opportunities to ask me questions.

My partner has concerns about couples therapy. How to encourage them to give it a try?

If your partner is unsure about the therapy for couples, please encourage them to call me ahead of time to discuss their concerns. Couples therapy can only be effective if both parties are invested in the process.

Do you offer video sessions?

Yes, I do offer online counselling! I conduct my sessions using Doxy or Microsoft Teams. The client must download the app, which is free, and wait for my invitation. Simply click the invitation link to join the meeting at the scheduled time, then wait for me to begin the session.

How much do your counselling services in Crewe cost?
  • The fee to meet with me for individual therapy is £45 per 50-minute session.
  • The fee to meet with me for couples counselling is £55 per 60-minute session or £75 per 90-minute session.
  • The fee for 60-minute supervision is £50
  • The fee for 90-minute supervision is £75

Full payment will be charged for missed or cancelled appointments without 24hrs notice.

How long will therapy last?

This is determined by the severity of the problem as well as your treatment goals. Depending on your specific needs, therapy can last anywhere from a few sessions to years.

What will we be talking about?

Therapy will differ depending on the individual because each person has different issues and goals for therapy. In general, you can expect to talk about current events in your life, your personal history that is relevant to your issue, and report progress (or any new insights gained) from the previous therapy session.

What is therapy like?

Therapy can be short-term, for a specific issue, or longer-term, to address more difficult patterns or your desire for more personal development. In either case, it is common to meet with me regularly (usually once a week or every other week).

It is critical to understand that you will get better results from therapy if you actively participate in it. The point of therapy is to help you use what you learn in sessions in your everyday life.

As a result, in addition to the work you do in therapy, I may recommend some things you can do outside of therapy to support your process, such as reading a relevant book, journaling on specific topics, noting specific behaviours, or taking action on your goals.

People seeking counselling are ready to make positive changes in their lives, are open to new perspectives, and take responsibility for their lives.

How often are counselling sessions?

I suggest my clients attend weekly or every other week sessions at the beginning of therapy in order to deliver effective therapy. Once they’ve made progress and reached their goals, we reduce the number of sessions to perhaps once a month. At that point, I’ll invite clients to come back if they ever need more help.

How many counselling sessions will I need?

I tell my clients to get ready for at least six sessions, but everyone is different and some may need more or less.

Since I tailor therapy to each individual client, I am unable to estimate the number of sessions necessary for each client to achieve their objectives. In other situations, patients might be dealing with more difficult issues or leading busy lives, making even 50 minutes a week of therapy a challenge for them. Therapy may take longer for these patients. My goal is to help you achieve your objectives and benefit from therapy as soon as possible, and I will work with you at your pace.

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